Carbon Fiber Black

Carbon Fiber Black:

Enhanced Durability Like No Other

World-class PolyopticoTM coating technology for a stunning carbon fiber finish.

Carbon Fiber Black is a high-performance carbon fiber protection film based on TPU raw materials.


Due to Polyoptico™ coating technology, Carbon Fiber Black features ultra-high brightness, hydrophobicity, and self-healing properties, and the texture is more 3D. The actual effect is comparable to that of real carbon fiber.

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Physical Properties

Top Coating





Aging Resistance

(UV Test:6000H)


Film Thickness

8 mil

Tensile Strength


29 Mpa

Chemical Resistance

(Acid Test)


60°Surface Gloss


Tear Strength


80 N/cm

Impact Test

(SAE J400)


Hydrophobic Angle


Initial Peel Adhesion


23 N/in



10 Years

Signature Features

Outstanding Clarity

Custom nano-material layers allow prints to retain their remarkable sharpness.

Exceptional Stain Resistance

The carbon fiber black film repels common road stains, chemicals, and other contaminants.

Self-leveling Hydrophobic Surface

Next-level liquid-repelling technology prevents water-caused darkening or stains on the car surface.

Perfect Combination of Longevity, Durability and Toughness

ClearPro carbon fiber black films surpass industry standards for heavy-duty surface protection.

Remarkable Ease of Installation

With enhanced adhesives, installing and removing our films is smooth and seamless.

Excellent Yellowing Resistance

Our film has been tested and proven to protect the vehicle’s exterior from weather exposure, preventing color degradation for long periods.

Long Lasting Gloss

The glossy surface stays true and crisp, offering more protection than typical waxes.

Unbeatable 10-year Warranty

ClearPro backs its carbon fiber black film with a decade-long warranty covering delamination and various other issues.

Revolutionary Technology, Unmatched Quality

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Polyoptico™ Coating Technology

ClearPro Polyoptico™ coating technology draws inspiration from optical reflection. After years of research, by introducing a transparent and highly glossy inorganic metal compound, our R&D team has successfully created a dense and well-arranged cross-linked polymer coating structure of nanomaterials, which ensures the smoothness and flatness of the PPF surface. As a result, ClearPro PPF has the advantages of high gloss, stunning optical clarity, excellent self-healing performance, and excellent stain resistance

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Invisiglue™ Adhesive Technology

ClearPro Invisiglue™ adhesive technology is composed of high-molecular polymers with a molecular weight of up to one million. It’s characterized by high cohesive strength, complete transparency, and low initial viscosity. When used to install PPF, our adhesive technology prevents residual glue lines and allows for effortless repositioning and installation.

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ClearPro™ Non-Yellowing Optical TPU

ClearPro uses the world’s highest level of non-yellowing optical TPU. This TPU raw material offers the advantages of top-class optical clarity and high-level yellowing resistance. It’s soft and easy to stretch.

UltraClear vs conventional PPF, What Makes ClearPro Carbon Fiber Black BETTER?

Clarity, Impeccable Transparency

ClearPro products deliver noticeable clarity, with an intense gloss, mirror-smooth finish in car paint, and no orange peel effect.

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Glossiness, Superior Gloss

ClearPro PPF surface has excellent 60°surface brightness of 95 GU. Polyoptico™ coating can increase the surface flatness of the film, which can result in better optical brightness.

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Hydrophobic, Extreme Water Repellence

The surface of ClearPro PPF has ultra-high hydrophobicity, with a hydrophobic angle of up to 105°.

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ClearPro PPF is virtually invisible but has long-lasting self-healing properties, which can help repair different types of car scratches and keep the car shining as new. Unlike lower-quality alternatives, the self-healing effects of ClearPro PPF can last for a long time.

Carbon Fiber Black by ClearPro: Your Only Choice

Constantly Evolving Technology

Never stopping and never complacent, ClearPro utilizes its Polyoptico™ coating technology to ensure next-level protection of every car surface.

Meticulous QC Standards

By having the entire production process done under one roof, we can maintain the highest standards from start to finish.

ClearPro Stamp of Protection

From the date of installation, you’re backed by ClearPro’s 10-year warranty covering yellowing, delaminating, and other quality concerns.

More Than a Manufacturer

Rely on ClearPro’s seasoned professionals and comprehensive support during order fulfillment and beyond, and enjoy utmost satisfaction in every purchase.

Professional Installation Training

To guarantee maximal utilization and optimal performance, our industry-leading technicians will train your team and provide installation certification and assistance.

Useful Pre-Cut Software

With a professional software development team by our side, you can expect pre-cut patterns with no hand-cutting required.

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