Manufacturer’s Capabilities

An image of the ClearPro HQ building 01

ClearPro Factory

Globally Competent Production Facility

Strategically located in one of China’s main global ports, ClearPro’s production facility spans over 125 acres and has various workshops to handle the entire automotive film manufacturing process. Our world-class plant facilitates the company’s goal to fill the gap in the market for high-end automotive film through unique production and top-notch quality control.

Consistency Through Automation

Automation guarantees non-stop PPF production with consistent quality and output. As China’s leading automotive film manufacturer, ClearPro’s production lines are outfitted with the latest equipment for full-swing end-to-end automation. Additionally, seasoned quality control experts monitor the automated lines, conducting rigorous inspections after each step and weeding out pieces that don’t meet our high standards.

Proof of Excellence

ClearPro is committed to delivering exceptional paint protection that dealers and installers can trust. The official certificates we’ve secured from local and international organizations are your assurance of this promise.

An image of the ClearPro factory during operational hours 03

Pristine Production: Our Class 1000 Dust-Free Workshop

Significant investment in a dust-free workshop, one of the industry’s best, gives us an edge compared to our peers. With a total area of 3,000 square meters, our class 1000 coating workshop maintains constant temperature and humidity, ensuring precise, clean, and stable production that results in top-notch products.

High-Standard Cutting Center

Our state-of-the-art cutting center utilizes calibrated and well-maintained cutting machines.

An image of the ClearPro factory during operational hours 02

Precision Coating Machines: Designed for Perfection

Our custom large-scale coating equipment can produce top-notch paint protection films and automotive window films with utmost speed and precision accuracy. Each module is specifically configured for high automation and operating efficiency, with features to detect defects and take them out immediately.

Centralized Logistics Center

Working closely with reputable logistics companies to ensure swift and safe product delivery.

Efficient RTO Waste Gas Treatment Equipment

We employ efficient waste treatment to reduce eco waste and maintain seamless production.