ClearPro R&D in PPF Industry

Welcome to ClearPro, a professional paint protection film manufacturer offering high-performance automotive film products that aim to establish a new industry standard. Through a solid supplier chain, a driven R&D team, automated production, strict quality control, and reliable aftersales, we push to deliver beyond client expectations and let them ‘Feel the New Clarity.’

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Brand Objectives

At ClearPro, we believe that our brand goes beyond a simple name or signage – it’s all that and more. Upholding our slogan, ‘Feel the New Clarity,’ each sheet of paint protection film that comes out of our production facility and every transaction with our professionals serves as an ambassador of our brand ideals.

Innovative Technology

Inspired by optical reflection and developed after years of research and development, the ClearPro Polyoptico™ coating technology is the backbone of our film’s signature high gloss, optical clarity, self-healing, and stain resistance. The glossy inorganic metal compound fused within the film creates a dense, cross-linked polymer nanomaterial coating that ensures the film’s smooth and flat surface.

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Quality Control

Along with top-of-the-line production lines and dedicated R&D processes, ClearPro caps the manufacturing workflow with a series of tests. Through rigorous and constant testing, we maintain the elevated standards that dealers and end-users can rely on.


As a global manufacturer in paint protection film industry, ClearPro aims to deliver superior and durable solutions that earn the trust of customers while fulfilling our responsibilities to our team and society.


ClearPro is driven to create top-class paint protection films through endless technological innovations, managed by professional technicians and controlled by a strict QC process.

Core Values


We constantly strive to deliver cutting-edge paint protection film technology.


From expert consultants to seasoned technicians, we conduct each transaction with the utmost professionalism.


ClearPro adheres to transparency and clarity in every project, regularly communicating with clients from start to end.


We conduct strict inspections at every step of the product journey, from material selection to packaging, to ensure you get the best.