Pre-Cut Software

ClearPro Cut

Fast track to flawless installation of high-grade gloss

Elevate any installation project with ClearPro’s state-of-the-art Pre-Cut Software. Built on cutting-edge 3D scanning tech, we add new vehicle patterns daily. Say goodbye to waste and hello to quicker, cleaner installs that any professional detailer would be proud to offer. Our extensive pattern library is your shortcut to happy customers and seamless results

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Navigate with ease through a well-designed interface, accessible for both new and experienced installers.

State-of-the-art Patterns

Access a wide range of advanced patterns that ensure precise and flawless film application every time.

Comprehensive Car Data Model

Our software contains a detailed database of car models, giving you the info you need for a perfect fit.

Constant Update

Stay ahead with daily updates that keep you supplied with the newest vehicle patterns and features.