Reasons to Believe ClearPro

Detailing Meets Protection

ClearPro experiments with the latest technology to combine crystal clear optical quality and durability, with the final aim of creating the right coating your market needs. We are experts in providing pre-cut software and training that makes installing our varied PPFs more effortless on your or your customers’ end.

Trusted Brand

Consistent Protection & Clarity

Living up to our slogan, “Feel the New Clarity”, we developed our own innovative Polyoptico™ coating and Invisiglue™ technologies in our in-house research facilities to improve the performance of our PPFs. Directed towards cleanliness, gloss, hydrophobicity, and self-healing, our technological innovations result in long-lasting PPFs for varied car applications.

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Proactive Quality Control

Testing Every PPF Feature Fastidiously

ClearPro PPFs are made with attentive care in our own world-class factory equipped with advanced cutting and coating machinery. Beyond product inspections, we optimize our factory efficiency by reducing waste material and promoting a clean environment within our Class 1000 Dust-Free Workshop.

Trustworthy Professional Services

Flexible Support for Our Dealers

ClearPro has an experienced and professional team to provide you with comprehensive services and supports to ensure your satisfaction with our products.

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Certified Training

We provide specialized training and support for our licensed retailers and installers. providing master installer certifications to our partners who qualify. By providing training, we enrich your business knowledge and help your brand expand to niche markets.
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Exclusive Pre-Cut Software

ClearPro provides a comprehensive pattern database to assist in any installation needs. With our pre-cut software, you have access to the latest information on various car models, which you can use to optimize your PPF installation.
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Are You Interested in Becoming Our Elite Dealer?

We help our dealers meet surging demand through our attentive logistics and regular supply. Look forward to our expert marketing support and pre-cut software that will help you grow your audience and give them the products they want on time.
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Are You Interested in Becoming Our Accredited Installer?

We offer you ClearPro installer accreditation. We will provide complete information and instructions to you, giving you the confidence to exceed your market’s expectations. We also guarantee competitive pricing and a stable supply of our PPFs, which all come with factory-backed warranties.
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