ClearPro PPF Performance


Crystal Clear Finish

ClearPro’s groundbreaking technology creates an unbeatable, mirror-like clarity in car paint. The intense gloss shines without the dreaded “orange peel” look, making it virtually indistinguishable from factory paint.

A promotional image of a luxury car to promote ClearPro protective film 01
An image of a sports car to promote ClearPro's hydrophobic film 02


Gleam with Showroom Shine

Experience an extraordinary gloss that stands out. ClearPro employs specialized technology to ensure the car’s finish looks not just good but truly exceptional. The results are so refined even industry veterans will be fooled by the incredible gloss of ClearPro’s car paint protection.


Forever New With Self-Leveling

Worried about scratches ruining car’s finish? With ClearPro’s self-healing properties, minor scratches and blemishes disappear, keeping your vehicle looking new and shiny for longer.

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An image of a sports car to promote ClearPro's hydrophobic film 01


Scientific Water-Resistant Shielding

ClearPro’s hydrophobic feature gives the car a superior edge in water repellence. Thanks to a remarkable hydrophobic angle of 105°, water and grime just slide right off, ensuring the car stays cleaner for longer.