Elevated Paint Gloss Protection

The next-level surface shielding for vehicles

Cosmoblack sets a new standard in high-gloss black paint protection film. Thanks to cutting-edge Polyoptico™ coating technology and black inorganic pigments mimicking Vantablack coating, this film delivers a richer, deeper, brighter black finish.


Engineered to self-heal, it’s the optimal choice for car owners with high-end performance cars and luxury commercial vehicles. Elevate vehicle’s aesthetic while providing superior surface protection.

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Physical Properties

Top Coating





Aging Resistance

(UV Test:6000H)


Film Thickness

8 mil

Tensile Strength


25 Mpa

Chemical Resistance

(Acid Test)


60°Surface Gloss


Tear Strength


60 N/cm

Impact Test

(SAE J400)


Hydrophobic Angle


Initial Peel Adhesion


23 N/in



10 Years

Signature Features

Outstanding Clarity

Experience unparalleled black gloss that gives car’s paint a rich, deep, and luxurious appearance that shines.

Exceptional Stain Resistance

Advanced technology actively repels stains from oil, mud, and grime, ensuring that any high-end vehicle maintains their pristine, show-ready look.

Self-leveling Hydrophobic Surface

Innovative hydrophobic surface causes water to bead up and effortlessly roll off, simplifying car cleaning routine to almost zero effort.

Perfect Combination of Longevity, Durability and Toughness

Engineered to withstand the test of time, this black film resists daily wear and tear while preserving car’s high-gloss, luxurious finish.

Remarkable Ease of Installation

The hassle-free application process is designed to be straightforward and to efficiently eliminate glue lines, making it easy for you to provide professional product application for your clients.

Excellent Yellowing Resistance

Crafted from top-grade materials that actively combat yellowing, the car’s sumptuous black finish will look as good as new for years to come.

Long Lasting Gloss

Engineered to maintain that freshly waxed look, the car’s gloss will stay radiant and eye-catching for longer periods, even under harsh conditions.

Unbeatable 10-year Warranty

Rest easy with a decade-long, industry-leading warranty that provides unparalleled peace of mind.

Revolutionary Cosmoblack's Cutting-Edge Technologies

Innovative surface protection with a luxurious black high-gloss look

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Polyoptico™ Coating Technology

Cosmoblack harnesses ClearPro’s Polyoptico™ technology, resulting from years of R&D. This cutting-edge tech creates a smooth, glossy finish with high-clarity nanomaterials. It enhances Cosmoblack’s deep black hue and adds exceptional stain resistance and self-healing capabilities. Your clients will keep spreading the word about their black high-gloss finish for years.

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Invisiglue™ Adhesive Technology

Cosmoblack incorporates Invisiglue™ adhesive technology. Comprising high-molecular polymers, this adhesive is transparent, super strong, and allows easy repositioning. This means a seamless, glue-line-free professional installation onto high-end cars or vehicles, making your clients the envy on the street.

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ClearPro™ Non-Yellowing Optical TPU

Cosmoblack features ClearPro’s top-grade, non-yellowing optical TPU. Designed for lasting beauty, this material resists yellowing and is soft yet durable. With Cosmoblack, you can offer any client lasting paint clarity and an effortless luxurious look for their vehicle.

Ultraclear vs conventional PPF, What Makes ClearPro Cosmoblack BETTER?

Clarity, Impeccable Transparency

Cosmoblack brings a new level of clarity to ClearPro’s range. The film’s gloss eliminates orange peel texture, giving your car a mirror-smooth finish that rivals high-end paint jobs.

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Glossiness, Superior Gloss

Cosmoblack delivers an outstanding gloss worthy of any showroom with its 60-degree surface brightness of 95 GU.  Coupled with Polyoptico™ technology, it offers a flat film surface that magnifies the car’s natural brilliance.

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Hydrophobic, Extreme Water Repellence

With Cosmoblack, clients’ cars can enjoy professional shielding against water. Boasting a hydrophobic angle of 105 degrees, water droplets bounce off, keeping the client’s car spot-free and easier to clean.

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Cosmoblack features ClearPro’s robust self-healing technology. It repairs small scratches on the film surface, maintaining a brand-new look for any client’s car far longer than other paint protection films on the market.

The Cosmoblack Advantage by ClearPro

The Polyoptico™ Edge

Deliver revolutionary car paint shielding and professional high-gloss to your clients with the advanced Polyoptico™ technology behind Cosmoblack. Expect the car to shine brighter, resist stains better, and self-heal faster.

A Commitment to Excellence

Every Cosmoblack film is crafted in our state-of-the-art facilities, undergoing meticulous quality checks. We aim for nothing less than perfection for your client’s high-end vehicle paintwork.

Ten Years of Confidence

Choose Cosmoblack and enjoy a solid 10-year warranty. We’re covering cars and other vehicles with next-level shielding against yellowing, fading, and other quality issues, starting from installation day.

Expertise You Can Count On

Our dedicated team of professionals stands ready to assist you at every step of the Cosmoblack experience. We strive to elevate your business in the auto paint market through our professional services and positive demeanor.

Certification Training

ClearPro equips installers with specialized training for Cosmoblack application. Benefit from our industry-leading standards and know-how so you can achieve professional installation of our Cosmoblack.

Make Every Cut Count

Our in-house software team delivers top-notch Pre-Cut software designed to streamline the Cosmoblack installation process. It’s efficient, precise, and completely foolproof for quick paint protection application to many types of vehicles.

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