Windshield Protection Film

Windshield Protection Film:

Add Safety to Windshield

Seamless barrier to preserve windshield quality and strength for the long term

ClearPro Windshield Protection Film is a TPU material protective film applied to the outside of the windshield. With its high clarity, 99% UV barrier, high transmittance, high impact resistance, and self-healing performance, our film can better protect the windshield from damage caused by road debris, such as rocks and pitting, therefore preventing expensive glass replacement. Due to the softness of TPU material, installing ClearPro’s film is simple and easy.

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Physical Properties

Top Coating





Aging Resistance

(UV Test:6000H)


Film Thickness

6 mil

Visible Light Transmission



Chemical Resistance

(Acid Test)


60°Surface Gloss


Ultraviolet Light Rejection



Impact Test

(SAE J400)


Hydrophobic Angle


Initial Peel Adhesion


20 N/in



1 Year

Signature Features

Outstanding Clarity

Giving off crystalline clarity, ClearPro’s windshield protection film preserves the fresh quality of a windshield surface.

Exceptional Stain Resistance

Inherent stain resistance for effortless maintenance. Every wash guarantees thorough cleanliness.

Self-leveling Hydrophobic Surface

Water slips off more easily, keeping the surface dry. Stains removed quickly and cleaning made more efficient.

Perfect Combination of Longevity, Durability and Toughness

Made to last protection for car windshields. Withstands stains, pressure and the elements for longer and excellent windshield performance.

Remarkable Ease of Installation

Nothing special required. Car owners can readily install windshield protection at any time.

Excellent Yellowing Resistance

Overcoming constant exposure to the elements, no yellowing or fading.

Long Lasting Gloss

Windshields maintain a reflective surface that is protected from the elements for long periods of use.

Unbeatable 1-year Warranty

ClearPro provides peace of mind. Our protection film is guaranteed to perform well for 1 year.

Relying on the Latest Protective Film Technology

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Polyoptico™ Coating Technology

The latest coating innovations address the problems of stain removal and coating density. By flattening the protection film surface, Polyoptico™ coating can seamlessly merge with windshields for a more even and smooth surface. With a stable cross-linked polymer structure, our coating solution combines durability and glossiness in one sturdy crystalline package.

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Invisiglue™ Adhesive Technology

For effortless positioning and installation, ClearPro developed ClearPro Invisiglue™ adhesive technology comprised of high-density polymers for effective adhesion. Our adhesive technology keeps the film stuck to the windshield surface while making it easy for an even distribution of adhesive. Invisiglue™ gives the adhesive a more transparent appearance when placed on the windshield.

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ClearPro™ Non-Yellowing Optical TPU

ClearPro uses the world’s highest grade of non-yellowing optical TPU. This TPU raw material has the advantages of leading optical clarity, high-level non-yellowing, outstanding softness, and excellent stretchability.

UltraClear vs conventional PPF, What Makes ClearPro Windshield Protection Film BETTER?

Clarity, Impeccable Transparency

For better visual clarity and zero discoloration, our PPFs employ Polyoptico™ coating technology to provide crystalline transparency.

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Glossiness, Superior Gloss

With a surface brightness of 95 GU, our windshield protecton films offer clear viewing while maintaining a clean glossy appearance to enhance car quality.

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Hydrophobic, Extreme Water Repellence

With a high hydrophobic angle of 105°, our windshield protective film easily repels any water to prevent corrosion and staining for a constant clean surface.

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Due to their self-healing properties, our PPFs can cover up and heal any windshield scratches, maintaining a consistent appearance over many years.

Why Select ClearPro

Responsive Technology

We employ high-end innovative Polyoptico™ coating technology that brings out crystal-like glossiness and lasting protection for every windshield.

Attentive Quality Control

We maintain consistent quality thanks to our high-end testing facilities fastidiously identifying any defects before we deliver the final product.

10-Year Warranty

Every windshield protection film comes with a 10-year warranty service that covers cracking, fading and other quality issues.

ClearPro’s Services. Prompt and Complete

Our expert support team delivers complete services to support your needs, including installer training, after-sales care, and more.

Film Installation Training

Benefit from our training program, with immersive lessons on film installation and boosting your brand.

Pre-Cut Software

ClearPro has a professional software development team to provide our

customers with world-class Precut software and support services.

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