Education & Training

Certification Training

Paint Protection Film Training by ClearPro offers professional instructions for installers, dealers and detailers. You’ll get safe and precise PPF installation on customers’ vehicles.

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7-Day Training Course

Within the intensive 7-day training course, you and your team can learn the following:

Benefits of Adding PPF to Detailing Services

Unlock More Profit Potential
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Promote Premium Service
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PPF Expertise Sets You Apart
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Why Choose Us as a Partner

Pro Training

Get training from some of the best technicians in the industry, in an environment conducive to learning. ClearPro’s training sets your team on a path to success.

Expert Instructions

Learn exclusive tips and tricks from seasoned detailers and elevate your skills – something you won’t get anywhere else.

Enhanced Efficiency

Acquiring PPF installation capabilities will let you maximize revenue by being a one-stop shop for all customer PPF needs.

Distinctive Credential

With a certificate hanging on your walls, you’re establishing a competitive edge that your competitors can’t match.

Instant Customer Access

Effectively expand your customer base with additional services, gaining new customers while keeping loyal ones satisfied.

Dedicated Trainer

A dedicated trainer will always be available to provide expert support, ensuring utmost success every step of the way.

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