Skylight Protection Film

Skylight Protection Film:

Impact-Resistant Barrier For Automobiles

Adapting to the elements with comprehensive skylight protection

ClearPro’s protective film solution keeps skylight glass consistent and offers a smooth driving experience. Comprised of a high infrared and UV barrier, our protective films withstand the elements while maintaining the high definition look of car skylights.


Due to the soft TPU film material, our skylight protection film is much easier to install without special tools or expertise compared to other similar products. Our skylight protective solutions are highly accessible and can maintain high performance for up to a decade.

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Physical Properties

Top Coating


Visible Light Transmission



Aging Resistance

(UV Test:6000H)


Film Thickness

8 mil

Ultraviolet Light Rejection



Chemical Resistance

(Acid Test)


60°Surface Gloss


Infrared Ray Rejection



Impact Test

(SAE J400)


Hydrophobic Angle


Initial Peel Adhesion


23 N/in



10 Years

Signature Features

Outstanding Clarity

Delivering crystal clear polish evenly. Reflective shine calms the senses and maintains a car’s premium quality.<br>

Exceptional Stain Resistance

Worry-free car surfaces and glass covers guaranteed. Stains are easily washed out without much effort.

Self-leveling Hydrophobic Surface

Water slides through easily, leaving a clean, dry surface while preventing darkening and other water-borne contamination issues

Perfect Combination of Longevity, Durability and Toughness

Advanced formulation preserves the pristine quality of the skylight surface. Retaining the same toughness through the years.

Remarkable Ease of Installation

It adheres flawlessly, even on the most demanding curves, without requiring any additional post-installation procedures or upkeep.

Excellent Yellowing Resistance

Withstands degradation or yellowing under constant exposure to the sun and elements, preserving every detail even after many years.

Long Lasting Gloss

Keeping it glossy, ClearPro’s solutions add crystal-like brilliance to your skylights, making them look always new.

Unbeatable 10-year Warranty

Get a decade’s worth of reliable service from our resilient skylight protection film, helping cars retain their quality for long periods.

Reliable Coating Technology for Lasting Skylight Protection

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Polyoptico™ Coating Technology

ClearPro keeps abreast of the latest advancements in the evolving coating technology. Through our rigorous research process, we have developed a film barrier that offers strong self-healing and reflective capabilities. By combining dense polymer structures with highly glossy inorganic metal compounds, we have produced a protective film that makes the skylight surface exceptionally clear once installed.

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Invisiglue™ Adhesive Technology

Our Invisiglue™ technology successfully minimizes residue secretion while delivering high adhesive strength, making the film installation process effortless. Thanks to our glue’s low viscosity and high transparency, the protection film maintains its clear appearance and can be removed later without leaving stains or traces.

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ClearPro™ Non-Yellowing Optical TPU

Maintains the same clean polished surface under exposure to the sun and other elements, without showing any yellowing, fading or staining.

UltraClear vs conventional PPF, What Makes ClearPro Skylight Protection Film BETTER?

Clarity — Impeccable Transparency

Offering consistent transparency, our skylight protection film uses the latest Polyoptico™ coating to give off a smooth, stainless finish.

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Glossiness — Superior Gloss

ClearPro PPF surface has excellent 60°surface brightness of 95 GU.

The Polyoptico™ coating can increase the surface flatness of the film,

which can achieve better optical brightness.

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Hydrophobic — Extreme Water Repellence

The ClearPro PPF surface exhibits extremely strong hydrophobic properties, with a hydrophobic angle reaching as high as 105°.

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ClearPro PPF is nearly transparent yet possesses enduring self-repair capabilities that can effectively mend various car scratches, ensuring the car maintains its new, shiny appearance. In contrast to inferior options, ClearPro PPF’s self-healing attributes remain effective for an extended duration.

Why ClearPro?

Innovative Coating Technology

ClearPro continually invests in R&D to develop and improve our responsive Polyoptico™ coating technology and ensure our PPFs deliver optimal performance against the elements.

Complete QC

Our high-end factory uses the latest technology and testing methods to actively prevent quality issues and guarantee consistent performance of our skylight protection film.

10-Year Warranty

ClearPro’s warranty covers multiple quality defects, including delaminating, blistering and yellowing, and offers a free replacement skylight protection film within a 10 year period.

Professional PPF Support.
Reliable Partnership.

Along with regular updates on production, ClearPro’s experts will provide you with whatever after-sales or product installation assistance you may need.

Installer Certification.
Bolstering Brand Efficiency.

ClearPro offers a diverse selection of high-performing protective products, with a team of skilled staff that stand by your side.

The Latest Pre-Cut Software Readily Available

Developed by our passionate software engineers, ClearPro’s pre-cut software guarantees faster and more seamless PPF application.

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