Headlight Protection Film

Headlight Protection Film:

Reliable Headlamp Protection Film

Elevated headlight and taillight protection with PolyopticoTM coating technology.

ClearPro Headlight Protection Film is a protective film made of TPU material and applied to the outside of the car headlights, which gives the headlights and taillights a customized appearance while preventing fragmentation, cracking, and aging. It is engineered by using the superior non-yellowing optical TPU and advanced Polyoptico™ coating technology.

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Physical Properties

Top Coating





Aging Resistance

(UV Test:6000H)


Film Thickness

8 mil

Visible Light Transmission



Chemical Resistance

(Acid Test)


60°Surface Gloss


Ultraviolet Light Rejection



Impact Test

(SAE J400)


Hydrophobic Angle


Initial Peel Adhesion


23 N/in


10 Years

Signature Features

Outstanding Clarity

ClearPro Protection Film’s thin and transparent surface keeps headlights protected without reducing the light emitted.

Exceptional Stain Resistance

High-quality chemical-resistant surface prevents stains, acids, and even bird droppings from damaging the car.

Self-leveling Hydrophobic Surface

No more stains from water and other liquids – Polyoptico™ coating ensures they always roll off the surface.

Perfect Combination of Longevity, Durability and Toughness

Through constant testing and innovation, our film meets SJAE J400 impact test standards, keeping car headlights bright and true.

Remarkable Ease of Installation

Adheres perfectly even on the most challenging curves without the need for any post-installation processes or maintenance.

Excellent Yellowing Resistance

Our films reject 99% of UV rays and meet aging resistance requirements, effectively preventing yellowing and discoloration.

Long Lasting Gloss

Proprietary Polyoptico™ coating gives the film a stunning gloss finish that won’t go away for a long time.

Unbeatable 10-year Warranty

ClearPro’s headlight protection films come with a 10-year warranty package that covers scratching, decoloring, and other quality issues.

Reinventing Car Protection

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Polyoptico™ Coating Technology

Introducing Polyoptico™ – ClearPro’s proprietary coating technology directly inspired by optical reflection. Developed by our peerless R&D team, this transparent and glossy inorganic material compound guarantees the smooth and flat surface of our paint protection films. The thin nanomaterial polymer coating gives the film its signature gloss, optical clarity, stain resistance, and self-healing properties.

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Invisiglue™ Adhesive Technology

ClearPro Invisiglue™ adhesive technology makes our headlight protection film easy to install, with no residual glue lines. Composed of high molecular polymers with a molecular weight of one million, our adhesives boast high cohesive strength, superior transparency, and low initial viscosity.

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ClearPro™ Non-Yellowing Optical TPU

Thanks to premium-quality TPU raw materials, our headlight protection films deliver optical clarity, high-grade yellowing resistance, and unsurpassed stretchability.

What Makes ClearPro Headlight Protection Film BETTER?

Clarity — Impeccable Transparency

ClearPro products deliver noticeable clarity to car paint, with an intense gloss and a mirror-smooth finish , and no orange peel.

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Glossiness — Superior Gloss

ClearPro PPF surface has excellent 60°surface brightness of 95 GU. The Polyoptico™ coating can increase the surface flatness of the film, which can achieve better optical brightness.

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Hydrophobic — Extreme Water Repellence

The surface of ClearPro PPF has ultra-high hydrophobicity, with a hydrophobic angle of up to 105°.

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ClearPro PPF is virtually invisible but has long-lasting self-healing properties, which can help repair different types of car scratches and keep the car shining as new. Unlike lower-quality alternatives, the self-healing features of ClearPro PPF products can perform for a long time.

Why Go with ClearPro Headlight Protection Film

Next-Generation Technology

ClearPro PPF uses innovative Polyoptico™ coating technology. This technology ensures that our products have performance beyond expectations, including: clarity, gloss, hydrophobicity, self-healing, etc.

Excellence from End to End

In-house manufacturing, strict quality control standards, and rigorous product testing result in films that surpass global industry benchmarks.

10-Year Warranty Guarantee

Get a decade-long warranty covering yellowing, cracking, blistering, and other non-human quality issues, starting from the installation date.

Experienced Industry Experts

With experienced consultants and production teams by your side, you’re guaranteed top-level headlight protection film that meets your requirements.

Professional Installation Training

Along with flawless order fulfillment, we also promise our professional technicians will train your team and provide installation certification and assistance.

Precision Cuts with Pre-Cut Software

You can cut the film with minimal waste using precision pre-cut software managed by seasoned developers.

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